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Stock Trading: Beginner to Pro

A brief history

"Buy low and sell high" in the stock market is easier said than done.

However, you can still invest better by using a system.

A system that you develop, for your time frame, and your risk tolerance.

This eBook provides you the timeless principles from beginner to pro.

Try, track, and trade a demo portfolio using the excel sheet provided.

Sameer (Sam) Massis, MSc., CIM, CFA


Sam is a fellow investor, just like you. He is a family guy at heart who cares about the average investor.

He started as a researcher in the Science field, but quickly changed careers to investments. His main motivation was the lack of professional advisors in the industry to grow his investments realistically.

He self-taught himself on investments back in 1997, but took it professionally with both a CIM in 2004, and a CFA in 2010 designations. He proved himself in the investment industry as he progressed towards a Fund Manager of 3 Mutual Funds and various discretionary portfolios.

Sam believes it is the investor's responsibility to learn and invest independently, which motivated him to write this eBook.